Sarah-sittingClass Times: Tuesdays 9-10:30 am (N/A at this time) and 7-8:30 pm and Saturday 9-10:30 am (once a month – please see Services page).

One-on-one instruction (Various options: recovery work, personalized meditation for stress relief & healing, blending strength training (using your own body weight) and yoga, developing your personal practice) booked with Sarah upon request.  $70.00 an hour.

3 Yoga sessions a year (fall, winter and spring – 10 to 13 classes each session at a cost of $15.00 a class when session is paid in full at the start of the session). Deposit or prepayment (postdated cheques accepted) to register.

Drop in classes when space is available at $18.00 a class upon request.

All students can make up missed classes on alternate days upon request and when space is available.

Class Descriptions



The focus of each class is on creating physical and emotional balance, self awareness, self compassion and self care. Both Men and Women are welcome.

All classes involve deep relaxation, body awareness, experiencing a variety of yoga movements and postures, deep and gentle stretching, creative yoga flows, building strength and exploring breathing techniques. Breath awareness paired with conscious relaxation helps us to recover healthy breathing habits and calm the nervous system for rejuvenation and healing. Inspirational readings are also included.

The Thursday and Saturday classes are designed to include and support new and experienced students.  More attention is given to learning the basic “structure” or alignment of the poses at the beginning of each new session, taking time to become comfortable with new poses or going deeper into each pose for those with experience. Saturday classes will include more time spent in deep guided relaxation.

Tuesday is designed for those with some yoga experience, but still follows a gentle yoga philosophy with deep relaxation.

Studio Guidelines 

  • Wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move easilylrIMG_3896 copy
  • Avoid eating just before class
  • Insure you are hydrated with water before class
  • Turn off cell phones/personal devices when in the studio
  • Respect each others’ space and need for quiet when entering the studio
  • Come at least 5 minutes early to avoid interrupting the class when it has started
  • Bring your own yoga mat and small blanket (yoga mats are available for new students until they have their own or as needed)
  • Avoid wearing chemical based perfumes, hair products, etc. for those with chemical sensitivities and for supporting a clean-air environment for exercise and deep breathing
  • Feel free to come 15 minutes early and relax in the studio or meet with others outside the studio room
  • If you are ill consider coming on an alternate day if possible
  • Water and snacks are provided