I have found Sarah’s yoga classes to be incredibly grounding and offer a space and time once a week where I can simply ‘be’.  There are no expectations and the energy is always inviting and very calming. I recommend Sarah’s classes to a number of my patients, as I feel that so many of us need a space in which we can simply slow down, and treat our bodies gently.

Wendy D

I enjoy every single minute. I enjoy the pace of the class, I enjoy your relaxing, loving voice and the music you select. I enjoy how much better I feel going through the class and at the end of it.

Michele M



I really enjoy the time each week to relax, let go of the day’s activities and meditate.  The exercises help me remain flexible and improve my stamina.  Sarah is an excellent teacher and explains each move thoroughly.  Her knowledge of Yoga is extensive and she is always bringing new ideas to each lesson.  I look forward to the class each week and always feel better after the class.

Marg A

Taking yoga with Sarah is such an enriching experience. I leave the class so relaxed. The surroundings, the music and the lesson all blend together for a satisfying evening.

Alison A




Sarah offers the best of yoga and relaxation. It is a no pressure session and if you have an injury she adapts the stretching for you. I thoroughly enjoy every session. Also Sarah is one of the kindest and most thoughtful person I know. I love her yoga!

Kim T

Yoga has brought joy, peace, strength and flexibility to my life. I have learned how to meditate, and let go of the past. I am learning to enjoy the present. I am connecting with my breath. Classes with Sarah are inspiring. The atmosphere at her studio to learn to meditate and stretch is perfect!!! with everything from candles, a dark, quiet room, a comfortable floor, calming colours, soft music and Sarah’s calm, encouraging and inspiring words. Natural wholesome snacks are always provided. I highly recommend Sarah’s Gentle Yoga.

Pat H




I truly enjoy the classes. It has helped immensely with stretching out my lower back and I do a lot of the poses now after a workout.  I try the meditation at home, but still can’t get to where I do in class. That could have something to do with my dog thinking it is extra play time and trying to lick me to death!  After a class I feel grounded and it reminds me of the important things in life. I get caught up in life very easily and over extend myself all the time, so at least (for now) I have Thursday nights to unwrap my mind.

Yasmine S

I have definitely developed an inner calm since attending your classes.  I often start my day with some of your inspirational words.

Kathy B





I have found the yoga sessions to be exhilarating in a calm way.  The peaceful and inviting atmosphere that has been created allows me to unwind and put perspective on the ups and downs of the day.  The movements are explained and practiced in a way that is inviting and allows for personalization.  For example, the importance of the breathing is incorporated into the movement patterns  in a way that allows for introspection and body awareness.  Also, I am building a growing awareness for the interdependency between mind and body.  This growing awareness serves me in my daily life by allowing me to find a sense of calmness in challenging times.  The theme of joy, gratitude and community are embedded in every session.

Heike B

I can’t express how glad I am that our paths have crossed.  You have helped me more than you will ever know.

May B



I am very happy with you as my teacher as you are. I have been doing yoga on and off since I was about 16, and you are by far the best teacher, very knowledgeable.

Rosemary R

You truly having an amazing gift. In such a short time I feel so comfortable with the movements/poses. I will most definitely be a student of yours for as long as you offer classes. Your voice is so soothing to the ears, which immediately calms my soul.

Deb V