Food is powerful! We all need to eat and food should be enjoyable. Many health concerns can be traced back to poor eating habits. It is now common knowledge that poor food choices can affect our health in profound ways.  Healthy whole food is a gift to us all; you can take advantage of the abundance that can be yours using real food. As a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition I am excited to offer consultation around a variety of needs.

  • Are you confused about what is healthy nutrition and how to create balanced and high nutrient meals?
  • Do you have food sensitivities or food allergies that you are trying to manage and need help with?
  • Are you trying to eat a restricted or very specific diet (i.e. gluten free, dairy free, meat free, vegan or vegetarian) and need guidance about how to find healthy alternatives or how to create a balanced daily diet?
  • Are you having difficulty managing or trying to lose weight?
  • Do you have digestive concerns on a regular basis?
  • Do you feel like you need to cleanse and clear your body of toxins?
  • Do you have health concerns that you or your doctor feel are related to your daily diet?
  • Are you struggling with unbalanced blood sugar and want more information about the best way to eat for balance?
  • Are you confused about supplements and what you need for optimal health?
  • Are you struggling with addictions or difficulty resisting some foods (i.e. sugar, caffeine, wheat, dairy, chocolate) and would like to find a way to manage this.

Nutrition consultation

yDzrgjFxhdMo9IC4KIaACTo8a08tK8tgyWmHrdtgLiwLifestyle and nutrition consultation available upon request.

Initial consultation $100.00, (This includes a complete look at symptoms and current diet with forms to be filled out prior to first appointment)

Ongoing consultation $70.00/hr or $40.00 1/2hour

Local Food Producers 

1. Am Braigh Farm (Jamie Richards)Spinach
Jamie produces fresh vegetables through most of the year, as well as eggs and pastured chicken.  He sells, local bread, honey, cheese and other meat in the Orangeville area.  Our family eats from Jamie’s farm all year round.
2. Fiddlefoot Farms (Amy Ouchterloney & Graham Corbett)
Amy and Graham run a CSA offering both summer and winter vegatables as well as pork & poultry
3. Bennington Hills Farm (Jeff & Samantha Roney)
Jeff & Samantha raise and sell grass fed beef & lamb, heritage pork & pastured poultry
4. Farmer Jim (James Thoman)
Jim raises and sells grass fed beef, pork, chickens and lamb.