HjkLlASF2Sv66o8_xs7JHtPl5dpNmlmiaIUM5k9DEzUFor more than 25 years I have been exploring food for health and yoga for healing.  I believe that a regular, gentle and conscious yoga practice that includes meditation offers an important tool for managing daily stress, both physical and emotional. I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years and love to share this beautiful and healing practice.  I attended Sheridan College for Yoga teacher training and a second  2 year program with Wendy Peirce-Jones following the Scaravelli method inspired by Vanda Scaravelli. I am a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and offer lifestyle and nutrition guidance and education for adults, children and groups.  I believe that many people are confused about food in a time where on-going new information floods our lives on a daily basis. I believe that “real” food paired with careful and conscious preparation and eating habits are a powerful means for enhancing health and vitality, available to all of us.

My Yoga Philosophy



Sarah’s Mom, Patricia


Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a child. I watched my mother practice throughout my life on the living room floor of our busy home and cottage and on the beaches of Manitoulin Island.   I witnessed that her practice, which included meditation and prayer, was very important through some of her most challenging times. My Grandmother taught Yoga in her 50’s and continues with a daily spiritual meditation practice now in her 90’s. Her father also practiced into his 90’s. I came to Yoga in a serious and committed way after a car accident when working in Toronto. At that time I discovered a yoga teacher, Wendy Pierce-Jones, who inspired me with her commitment, knowledge and warm heart. For years I attended her “Scaravelli” style classes and eventually her teacher training program.  I discovered from the very beginning that my “teaching voice” spoke to me whenever I practiced.  Many years later and after much recovery, I carried and cared for my twin boys, which offered new challenges for my body and my practice.  Yoga and deep meditation has been a critical part of my own healing and continues to be my way of tapping into a renewed sense of life and healing.  My intention is to continue to share this love and passion for yoga with others so that each person may also tap into his or her innate and natural healing abilities and learn personal ways to manage daily stress.

My Nutrition Philosophy


My interest in food for healing has paralleled my yoga journey. My mother again was my first and most important guide and model. (We were a household with no pop, white bread, chips or even ketchup!)  My mother and I shared numerous books on the topics around nutrition, health and longevity, and spirituality for about 15 years, until her passing in 2008.  In University I had an opportunity to study some fascinating courses about the Politics and Social dynamics of food and medicine. I have always been interested in why we eat what we eat, and how we make our own personal choices. I have been a teacher of the Blind and Visually impaired for 20 years working in a number of School Boards. I have always been struck and saddened by the lack of high quality food in children’s bags in such a “rich” culture.  I believe we live in a time and place with incredible abundance and choice but also endless temptations that can make weight management and maintaining good health a challenge.  Managing stress is also a key to how we manage our food habits and an important area that for some needs to be addressed in conjunction with basic food changes.  I can offer clear guidance about how to use delicious real food to your advantage in fun and and easy ways. It is very much about establishing a lifestyle where  we value and take advantage of the incredible gifts that food has always offered us for health and healing.